As of October 1, 2014, ERA is excited to announce that we have joined the Education Development Center (EDC)’s Research, Evaluation and Policy unit within the Learning and Teaching Division. After 10 years of offering our clients valuable research and evaluation services, particularly in STEM education, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to expand our offerings and connect with like-minded colleagues at EDC. The team continues to seek new projects and opportunities to help program staff better understand what works, why, and under what circumstances. Please contact Dr. Vicky Coulon for further information about this transition or if you are in need of research and evaluation services.

Evaluation & Research Associates (ERA) specializes in the evaluation of programs supporting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) equity, informal and formal education, and teacher professional development, and conducts research related to those content areas. We collaborate with clients to measure results, report outcomes, inform decision-making, and increase program success.

Our Evaluation Approaches

Utilization-focused: Ensure the evaluation is useful for its desired purpose

Outcomes-based: Examine participant knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors to identify what components are effective in achieving outcomes

Capacity Building: Facilitate the increase of clients’ evaluation skills

Participatory: Work collaboratively to design and implement an evaluation that is tailored to client and stakeholder needs

Our Achievements

  • Currently evaluating thirteen projects funded by the National Science Foundation.
  • Client used ERA report as evidence of program impact resulting in additional funding.
  • Shared project evaluation methods and findings with stakeholders, including advisory boards, funders, program staff, and participants, enabling them to make important program decisions.
  • Consulted with youth information technology (IT) program staff to create winning grant proposal including outcomes-based evaluation plan.
  • Created widely distributed, research-based, user-friendly, promising practices guide used to engage girls in the IT field.
  • Frequent national conference presentations, including American Evaluation Association and American Educational Research Association, focusing on disseminating innovative practices.


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